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Here’s something my daughter posted today…

A fallen angel returns.

Questions for the Transgender Community
Happy belated holidays! A moment of your time as we head into the new year, if you please…

1. Why has it been your modus operandi to – oftentimes viciously – attack those individuals who dissent with your ideology for the better part of a decade now, presumably with the aims of silencing and subjugating your detractors? Why does your community have a habit of wildly overreacting to the mildest of offences, like those of Suzanne Moore? Are the rest of us to believe your cause is benefited by acting childish and obnoxious, or making death threats?

2. Why has your community advocated an ‘out and proud’ mentality and derided ‘stealth’, when you know people are pushed to the brink of suicide and/or killed over their identities? Why do the community’s contributions to these deaths go ignored, between your impractical policies and frequently unwarranted hostility toward the public?

3. Why is the Day of Remembrance used to fuel your political advocacy to this day? Why do you continue to openly name the deceased in light of the the aforementioned, when it is not required for memorialising the dead?

4. Why do you deem it necessary to make a distinction between yourselves and ‘cisgender’ people – as well as congregate almost exclusively with your own kind – if your alleged goal is equality with the ‘cisgender’ crowd? Why must you always prefix the gender or sex you claim to believe so strongly in with ‘trans’, by the same token? You do realise this advocacy of segregation into ‘cisgender’ and ‘transgender’ runs counter to your supposed goals, right?

5. Why do you maintain this passive-aggressive relationship with the gay community, despite that many gay individuals do not care for you or your tendency to scapegoat them? Why do some of you involve yourselves in the culture of ‘cisgender’ homosexuals in your community, when these activities contradict their ‘gender identities’?

It is also worth mentioning this comment from an individual named Eva here, regarding the ‘cotton ceiling’ debate: “DeVeaux and other trans women activists actually believe that sexual attraction based on biological sex rather than ‘gender identity’ is ‘transphobic’ and ‘cissexist’. In other words, homosexuality itself is ‘transphobic’. One wonders what people who believe this are doing under the LGB umbrella in the first place.”

6. Why do you persist in conflating gender with sex? Two straightforward classifications have become an utterly incomprehensible mess, largely thanks to your community. Gender is what is perceived, whereas a change of sex is what is realised by transition. That is why it is called transition, because an individual is transitioning from one sex to the other. If transition were merely from one gender to the other, then a gay man would be ‘transitioning’ every time he convincingly dresses in drag. Has nobody ever pointed out that this makes absolutely no sense, to you?

No story illustrates this complete disconnect from reality better than Trans Panic Violence and Defamation on SyFy Channel’s Lost Girl Goes Unanswered, over at the TransAdvocate.

In this episode of Lost Girl, a man who looks like a woman is raping and impregnating women. You feel that this fellow has something in common with you, whereas I (likely along with plenty of other women) feel this case is exactly what it is – a man who is only outwardly a woman, because a woman would never do something like this. Looking like a woman does not make him a woman, because his actions clearly qualify that he is not that.

This is why basing your entire oversimplified belief system around that which is superficial alone is ridiculously illogical and ultimately indefensible… it is why you will continue to be associated with cross-dressers as little different, because you fail to make any substantive distinction between yourselves and the same.

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