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An open letter to Susan *******, author of “Enough Non-Sense”.


I want to thank you for your rebuttal to my post from Monday.  I found it amusing and instructional.  Amusing that it took you almost 2000 words to disapprove, in part, my opinions and my actions.  It would have taken me about 150.  But you were trying to make a point.  You did kinda lose me there, though…

And instructional;  Outing people, especially when they’ve already been outed is useless and tacky.  I didn’t follow the #1 credo of Trans*women worldwide:  Thou shall not out thy fellow Trans*.  So when you deleted my comments in their entirety, I probably deserved it.  But I found this interesting:

…Trying to frame her as some sort of ‘age purist’, or a ‘teen troll’, or an ‘old hag’, is what it is. She and i are about the same age. Make your own conclusions. i don’t have any desire to engage with Liz/Cloudy or anyone who promotes HSTS in any form…  -Anonymous T Girl

Throwing someone a bone, Susan?

To the meat and potatoes, shall we?

Susan, I’m offering you…

A Challenge!

I challenge you to appear on the steps of the Capitol in Washington, DC on March 14th, 2011 for Transgender Lobby Day.  I’ll be there, along with friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and others.  You write some mean shit on your blog and have had some straight-shooting comments elsewhere, but do you have the guts to truly put yourself on the line?  Are you willing to do something greater than yourself and the entertainment value of your blog?

I am.

I plan on lobbying the most conservative representatives in my home state of Georgia, including my home district, the 11th, represented by Phil Gingrey (R-Ga.).  I’m sure you could do the same for your district, and other conservative districts in Texas.

Maybe this isn’t worth your time and effort.

Or maybe you just don’t want to be seen with other Trans*.

You could just as easily call your reps or even visit with them anytime.  But this is different.

This shows solidarity.

Not capitulation.

So what do you think, Susan?  Up to the challenge?

Or is it too much to ask.

I’ll be there waiting.

Lisalee Starkman

Edit (1)

Looks like a certain Susan (not allowed to use her maiden name), has rejected my challenge to meet on the Capitol steps on Mar 14.  So I guess I’ll have to meet with her representative myself, who happens to be Congressman Ron Paul  (R-TX), 14th district, a hero of mine.  An OB/GYN, we’ll have lots to chat about regarding medical legitimacy for Transsexuals.  Sure you don’t want to join me, Susan?

Edit (2)

Upon careful consideration, I’ve removed Susan’s last name from the title of this post.


Own your fucking narrative, goddammit!

Aria wrote this today and I want to add something…

I’m sick and tired of people calling themselves “transsexuals” when the truth is they’re not.  Not even close.  Their lack of respect and courtesy is reprehensible, bordering on downright disgusting.  I have one thing to say to y’all…


If you’re a transvestite, own it.  You’re not nor will you ever be a transsexual.  And that’s ok.  If you like wearing woman’s clothing, cool.  I’m down with it.  Just don’t lie and say it’s something it’s not.  The same goes for transgendered, genderqueer, etc…

And another thing, “AGP” as a condition is a LIE!  I fell for this crock of shit too.  Then I took the red pill and woke up.  If you’re TS and you’ve gone through the things you’ve read on these websites, and find yourself in agreement with what you read, stop.  Look deep inside yourself.  You’ll find the truth.

I did.

“To Real Or Not To Real, That Is The Question…”

This person should learn that their actions will most certainly have consequences.

Rise up!  Be free!  Leave the ghetto!!

In other news, today was such a nice day (for Fargo, ND) that I decided to wear my new yoga-wear.  Well, it was laundry day also… 😉

What do I smell like?

I’ve been going to Canada on a more regular basis than in the past.  When I do, my internet access becomes truncated due to cost.  I miss reading updates to my favorite blogs.  Like this one.  It’s like going to a birthday party a day late.  So after reading the entry when it was posted and having a few comments,  I figured it was a done deal.  Wrong.  Without getting into the soul searching the comments caused, and after rereading specific ones, one comment stood out in my mind.  About halfway down the conflagration,  Anonymous T-Girl made an interesting observation describing how she can tell “classic” transsexuals from TG’s.  She said, “But we can smell our own.”

What do I smell like?

Diesel exhaust (and liquid diesel when it splashes on my clothes).





Various hair care products.

“Water Lily” and other perfume oils from Auric Blends.  Great stuff and inexpensive.

Not exactly what she meant but you get the drift…

They don’t need to know…

I was going to comment here about this, but decided to hold my tongue.  As a user of the VA system myself, the only people that need to know are my Primary Care (PC) and my GYN.  Everyone else accepts me at face value, and why wouldn’t they?  I don’t wear my past on my sleeve.  What I truly find interesting are the comments chastising the psych for his choice of descriptors and demanding an apology.

Apologize for what?

When has it become a crime to speak the truth?

I had a problem with a provider at my local (Atlanta) VA.  She misgendered me three times on three separate occasions.  She apologized all three times but the damage was done.  Instead of getting all huffy with her and her supervisors, I did the sensible thing.

I dumped her.

“The Accidental Activist”

I hate writing.   Given my druther, I’d rather read others writings.  But the time has come, Lewis Carroll wrote, to talk of many things.  Or in my case, one in particular. Continue reading