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“Long time coming…”

“Long time gone.”

I used to listen to CSN (and Y) when I was in high school, among other 60’s bands that spoke to me.  And though I was a bit young for Viet Nam and Woodstock, I felt the energy and importance after the fact, all the same.  So when I saw this blog finally implode, I felt a kind of sadness.  And vindication too,  that my, and especially my friend’s words had come true.  I had been accused of high school shenanigans, misplaced loyalties, and STALKING!  What the fuck??  All I have to say is the internet is a cruel, cruel place to play.  Always make sure your ducks are in a row before you hit the sandbox, girls.  And this person’s words, spoken over a year ago, ring ever true today:

Trust No One.

No One.

(As an aside, I think I’m the only person to be recently banned from Susan’s blog.  Whatever.)

On the other hand, I expect (but am not certain) to see both this and this disappear, vile sockpuppet vomitus, to be replaced by something more discreet, virulent, and cunning.

The only difference is that we’ll be ready…

On a lighter note, I happened to chance upon author, hypnotist/therapist, and bon vivant, Tracie O’keefe and her eternal sidekick writer, Katrina Fox, here and here.

Gee, where have I seen (and heard of) these two before…?

Hugs, you two!

I dedicate this chunk of  a future poem to Leigh and Susan, the real losers here, having had their innocence snatched from them, again (ok, I’m a drama queen, so sue me!).

In A Perfect World Parte Dos

In a perfect world…

Everyone has perfect morals/

So what the fuck did you do with yours?