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“Long time coming…”

“Long time gone.”

I used to listen to CSN (and Y) when I was in high school, among other 60’s bands that spoke to me.  And though I was a bit young for Viet Nam and Woodstock, I felt the energy and importance after the fact, all the same.  So when I saw this blog finally implode, I felt a kind of sadness.  And vindication too,  that my, and especially my friend’s words had come true.  I had been accused of high school shenanigans, misplaced loyalties, and STALKING!  What the fuck??  All I have to say is the internet is a cruel, cruel place to play.  Always make sure your ducks are in a row before you hit the sandbox, girls.  And this person’s words, spoken over a year ago, ring ever true today:

Trust No One.

No One.

(As an aside, I think I’m the only person to be recently banned from Susan’s blog.  Whatever.)

On the other hand, I expect (but am not certain) to see both this and this disappear, vile sockpuppet vomitus, to be replaced by something more discreet, virulent, and cunning.

The only difference is that we’ll be ready…

On a lighter note, I happened to chance upon author, hypnotist/therapist, and bon vivant, Tracie O’keefe and her eternal sidekick writer, Katrina Fox, here and here.

Gee, where have I seen (and heard of) these two before…?

Hugs, you two!

I dedicate this chunk of  a future poem to Leigh and Susan, the real losers here, having had their innocence snatched from them, again (ok, I’m a drama queen, so sue me!).

In A Perfect World Parte Dos

In a perfect world…

Everyone has perfect morals/

So what the fuck did you do with yours?



I dedicate this to TrannyGirl15, the inspiration for this poem.

This is what the world has come to

The narcissistic pining of the disenfranchised

Lost in their own shit.


Look at me!  Look at me!  Look at what??

Borrowed daddy’s money to pay for something unneeded?

You’ve put a mask on your true self.


And god forbid someone disagree with your reality

Suggesting that maybe your entitlement is unwarranted?

And your advice useless.


A fool and her money

are soon parted

as we know all too well.


So tell me supertranny

What are you going to do when the emergency personnel

discover your secret?


I know, I know

It doesn’t matter,



Of course

You’ll tell them “It’s ok,

I’m a Non-Op”


Do us all

A really big favor

And shut the fuck up!


You have absolutely no clue

What a transsexual is

And you never will.


Stuck in the

Transgender hell

Of your own making.






I have this picture

that I look at once a year

failed memories

failed life

donor tissue.


This particular picture

isn’t a tribute to something lost

or even forgotten

but a departure.


Look, look

there are two things here

an open suitcase is just as important

if not more so.


A long lost instruction

suggesting vigilance

“…start packing a week before you leave…”

so I did

both inside and out.


I can see the question

bouncing in my friend’s head

why save such a horrible thing?

Then the answer dawns

and she smiles.


“We’ve shed our chrysalis,

our wings singed from the flames,

no worse for the wear


still alive”

“Where ya at, baby doll?”

“Where ya at, baby doll”
“Getting on the Interstate”
“I’m pulling out of the Pilot”
“Let’s go”
57 mph
black large-car passes me
76 mph
“Where have you been hiding?”
“Been waiting for you at Kleinschmitts was looking at boots saw a hat I wanted”
“Bet it would have looked good on you”
“You say that to all the girls”

“I need to stop at the J for some go-go juice”
“I can change my windshield wiper”
he’s country boy tall
long blond hair
polite hug
not so polite
I get road snacks
He’s waiting
His truck
“My life is pretty complicated right now”
“Let’s just worry about today, ok?”
He wants a show
And a feel
I lift my shirt
It was an Irish day
I leave

More driving
“I used to stop at this truck stop years ago the restaurant had really good food”
“The parking lot looks really big”
“Big enough for two”

Just up the road
“Can’t stop need to take a shower later”
“I can wash your back”
“My life is way too complicated right now”
“Maybe I could give you a massage rearange your spine?”
“I happen to have some baby oil”

“There’s the Love’s one mile”
“Can’t stop”
His right turn signal blinks one time
I laugh
“Nice try”

Ten miles from his exit
“Let’s stop on this off ramp so I can get a proper good bye”
“I’ll say my good bye from my truck”
“deep sigh”

Exit 110 one mile
I flashed him again and noticed the phone number in really big numbers
I scribbled
fondled my breast for him
“Call me, baby doll”
“I’ll think about it”

Still thinking

In a perfect world…

In a perfect world…

there is no hate/
please don’t hate me.

no one starves/
would you like to share?

there is no pain/
where does it hurt?

no one is murdered for their indiscretions/
I’m just as human as you are.

In a perfect world…

our differences are cherished/
I bleed red like you!

people are born the way they need to be/
hey, I had to change, okay?

no one is ever lonely/
I need you.

lovers love/
as I love you.

In a perfect world…