My heartfelt thanks goes out to my new admirer friend, “Jamiegotapenis” for all the hits.  Thanks, dude!

So it looks like a very nice man has been helping me with my blogging efforts.  The problem is he thinks that my life revolves around make-up counters and nail salons.  It doesn’t.  Actually, it’s pretty normal at this point,  though I’m worrying a bit about this year’s taxes.  My accountant gave me sage advice though:  we’ll worry about them next year 😉

See, I’m a truck owner, not a retail sales person.  My corner office with a view has a steering wheel and a laptop.  Heels would be a concern in my environment.  Boots and jeans are de rigueur, not optional.

This is really a non-issue and a non-event.  Mr. Penis thinks he can dictate policy to all women he loathes.

Sorry to disappoint.  I don’t play that.

Oh, by the way, please don’t include me in your so-called “transgender spectrum”.  That bus crashed and burned long ago…


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  1. Aria Blue on

    It’s amazing that dinosaurs like that still roam the earth. He didn’t get the message that telling us who we are makes it perfectly ok for us to tell him who he is, and with considerably more authority. The polite fiction is over at that point.

    If you aren’t a woman, then you are a man in a dress. End of story. And having someone like that try to dictate reality to other people is laughable given their tenuous grasp on the subject.

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