Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to wish all my readers (even the ones that hate me) a Happy Thanksgiving!


Lisalee 🙂


5 comments so far

  1. frith2 on

    Typical! Exclusive Americentric rejection of anybody who doesn’t fit your own narrow views and that deliberately deny happiness to readers from country’s who don’t ‘do’ Thanksgiving 🙂

    I hope you feel deeply ashamed as you tuck in to your 2nd helping of turkey.

    …. 😉

    • lisalee18wheeler on

      No worries. When y’all have your next bank holiday and I feel left out…


      Lisalee 🙂

    • Aria Blue on

      Must be some kind of pro-turkey activist…

  2. frith2 on

    Save the Cranberries!!!

    • lisalee18wheeler on


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