What do I smell like?

I’ve been going to Canada on a more regular basis than in the past.  When I do, my internet access becomes truncated due to cost.  I miss reading updates to my favorite blogs.  Like this one.  It’s like going to a birthday party a day late.  So after reading the entry when it was posted and having a few comments,  I figured it was a done deal.  Wrong.  Without getting into the soul searching the comments caused, and after rereading specific ones, one comment stood out in my mind.  About halfway down the conflagration,  Anonymous T-Girl made an interesting observation describing how she can tell “classic” transsexuals from TG’s.  She said, “But we can smell our own.”

What do I smell like?

Diesel exhaust (and liquid diesel when it splashes on my clothes).





Various hair care products.

“Water Lily” and other perfume oils from Auric Blends.  Great stuff and inexpensive.

Not exactly what she meant but you get the drift…


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