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A fallen angel returns.

Questions for the Transgender Community
Happy belated holidays! A moment of your time as we head into the new year, if you please…

1. Why has it been your modus operandi to – oftentimes viciously – attack those individuals who dissent with your ideology for the better part of a decade now, presumably with the aims of silencing and subjugating your detractors? Why does your community have a habit of wildly overreacting to the mildest of offences, like those of Suzanne Moore? Are the rest of us to believe your cause is benefited by acting childish and obnoxious, or making death threats?

2. Why has your community advocated an ‘out and proud’ mentality and derided ‘stealth’, when you know people are pushed to the brink of suicide and/or killed over their identities? Why do the community’s contributions to these deaths go ignored, between your impractical policies and frequently unwarranted hostility toward the public?

3. Why is the Day of Remembrance used to fuel your political advocacy to this day? Why do you continue to openly name the deceased in light of the the aforementioned, when it is not required for memorialising the dead?

4. Why do you deem it necessary to make a distinction between yourselves and ‘cisgender’ people – as well as congregate almost exclusively with your own kind – if your alleged goal is equality with the ‘cisgender’ crowd? Why must you always prefix the gender or sex you claim to believe so strongly in with ‘trans’, by the same token? You do realise this advocacy of segregation into ‘cisgender’ and ‘transgender’ runs counter to your supposed goals, right?

5. Why do you maintain this passive-aggressive relationship with the gay community, despite that many gay individuals do not care for you or your tendency to scapegoat them? Why do some of you involve yourselves in the culture of ‘cisgender’ homosexuals in your community, when these activities contradict their ‘gender identities’?

It is also worth mentioning this comment from an individual named Eva here, regarding the ‘cotton ceiling’ debate: “DeVeaux and other trans women activists actually believe that sexual attraction based on biological sex rather than ‘gender identity’ is ‘transphobic’ and ‘cissexist’. In other words, homosexuality itself is ‘transphobic’. One wonders what people who believe this are doing under the LGB umbrella in the first place.”

6. Why do you persist in conflating gender with sex? Two straightforward classifications have become an utterly incomprehensible mess, largely thanks to your community. Gender is what is perceived, whereas a change of sex is what is realised by transition. That is why it is called transition, because an individual is transitioning from one sex to the other. If transition were merely from one gender to the other, then a gay man would be ‘transitioning’ every time he convincingly dresses in drag. Has nobody ever pointed out that this makes absolutely no sense, to you?

No story illustrates this complete disconnect from reality better than Trans Panic Violence and Defamation on SyFy Channel’s Lost Girl Goes Unanswered, over at the TransAdvocate.

In this episode of Lost Girl, a man who looks like a woman is raping and impregnating women. You feel that this fellow has something in common with you, whereas I (likely along with plenty of other women) feel this case is exactly what it is – a man who is only outwardly a woman, because a woman would never do something like this. Looking like a woman does not make him a woman, because his actions clearly qualify that he is not that.

This is why basing your entire oversimplified belief system around that which is superficial alone is ridiculously illogical and ultimately indefensible… it is why you will continue to be associated with cross-dressers as little different, because you fail to make any substantive distinction between yourselves and the same.

Repost from the closed blog “Aria Blue”


January 16, 2011

When I first started writing here I wanted to let other  people like me know they were not alone in feeling the way we do about the whole trans world.  I feel anger and frustration at our use and abuse at the hands of GLBT Inc, the vicious attempts to destroy us by the sexologists, and our outright mockery from the transgender portion of the gay and lesbian world.  I know that many if not all transsexual-born people feel the same way, yet there is absolute silence outside a few voices in the wilderness.  No one should have to put up with any of this, and it was only allowed because of the concerted efforts of these groups to separate us from the mainstream and tarnish our reputation.

To look into the trans world is to look into the world of psychopathy.  It is a vicious pit characterized by the psychopath’s view of life, that of the food chain.  To them if you don’t prey on others, you will be preyed upon.  This is why the hierarchy concept is so resilient there.  In this bizarre world, everything is a game and nothing matters but winning.  Whatever winning means.

Over the last year I’ve been involved with efforts to form a new identity outside of that paradigm.  Or so I thought.  I didn’t want new transitioners to fall prey to these monsters.  It worries me greatly that young, vulnerable people will become food for these snakes.  If you don’t know who and what psychopaths/sociopaths are, you are an easy victim.  Everyone should educate themselves on these predators that walk among us.

Once you understand what goes on with them everything becomes clear.  The shaming, the abuse, the total lack of regard for the consequences of their actions.  The trans world as it exists now is simple a reflection of “the game” that psychopaths play.

Born without empathy, they are incapable of feeling what most humans do.  Empathy itself is what makes us human.  It is the seat of compassion and morality, and is the source of our love for one another.  Empathy created our civilization.  Without this, we are nothing more than brute monsters that can do little but destroy.

It is no accident that empathy comes under attack as foolish these days.  Psychopaths think our emotions make us weak and vulnerable to their predations.  There are psychopaths among us in places of power, playing their games and pitting us against one another for their amusement.  Our popular culture and governments reflect much of the psychopaths’ credo.

Most people think these conscienceless creatures are all serial killers, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Most of them look and sound like anyone else until the mask slips.  People look at vile governments, poverty, war, man’s inhumanity to man, and think “We are a horrible species”.  They feel guilt and shame and hatred of their fellow humans.  And without reason.

The vast majority of the evil in this world is perpetrated by people born without empathy.  I believe this is a fading group in evolutionary terms.  Once empathy appeared in our population, the percentage of these predators started dropping.  It is no accident that we have ascended from barbarism to a global civilization.  Empathy changes us from solitary predators to social animals.  The cooperation that civilization requires could only come from love and understanding.

Don’t be fooled by the talk of the dog eat dog world and looking out for number one, and don’t buy into the idea that people are horrible.  That is the trickery of the psychopaths who currently shape much of our lives, working its way through us.  They want us to hate each other as much as they do.  Their words are just vile poison, reflective of their hatred.  Much of our government and business world reflects the psychopaths’ toxic magick; it does not come as a natural result of humanity itself.

Wars, famine, hatred… If you’ve ever asked yourself how these things happen again and again in bewilderment, the answer is clear.  We live in pathocracies, where our best intents are turned against us and we are set to endless fighting.  Then we blame ourselves while the psychopaths laugh.  People think that somehow being high up in government is some excuse for this gamesmanship, that being at the top of the human world changes people in some way.  But in truth, would any of us make the decisions those people do, leading to the slaughter of tens of millions of people?  People don’t turn evil, they are born that way.

You can read how they view us in  The Psychopath’s Bible.  The more functional psychopaths, and ultimately the most dangerous, hide their difference and use their lack of morals to inflict untold harm to the rest of us.  This is not inadvertent either; they feel anger at their deprivation, and feel we have something they don’t which is theirs by right.  That is the fuel that drives their games, the absolute emptiness from having no emotions other than anger when they don’t win and get what they want.  And the most vicious of them, like the author of the book just mentioned, tell themselves that their role is to utterly destroy humanity so that something “more interesting” can evolve.

Because this shift from psychopath to empath is an evolution of humanity, its all about shifting populations.  As the number of empaths, (now) normal people, rises the number of psychopaths falls.  They have dwindled to 1-4% of the population, though the number fluctuates on a regular rhythm.  This becomes important when you look at the transsexual issue.

I believe the human population creates transsexual people to reduce the number of psychopaths, in the process of our evolution to a higher state as a species.  We don’t need psychopaths or sociopaths anymore, they have done their work culling the species.  The destiny of the transsexual population is to help end the psychopath reign once and for all.

Psychopaths are often very alluring to normal people.  Whether its sex or power, people are drawn to them like moths to a flame.  For their part psychopaths are drawn to particular sorts of prey.  They can spot people who have been wounded emotionally, abused, or are otherwise ripe for predation.  This is why you will find so many low-functioning psychopaths in the trans world.  They are drawn to transsexual people like a moth to a flame.

This sounds bad on its face.  Evil monsters drawn to vulnerable people.  But if you look at it another way, it serves a purpose.

The campaign of hate and slander against us is meant to isolate us as prey from the rest of society.  Keeping us alone and vulnerable in a web of deceit is the favored method of these creatures.  But as society evolves, so does its treatment of us.

As we all become more empathic as a people, our natural inclination to love and cherish one another will eclipse the world the psychopaths have built.  As that happens, more and more transsexual people survive and thrive.  We are no longer the broken down victims that we are made out to be.

Due to the way we spend time outside the normal world before we are healed, we gain insight into what being an outsider means.  This is akin to what the psychopath feels their whole life.  Once we are healed, we take that experience with us into our new life.

Psychopaths have an uncanny ability to read people.  They live in a different world and use that to their advantage.  They know how to push your buttons and get an almost robot like response.  Using this, our programmed social nature, they play people against one another hoping to cause as much destruction as they can.  This is such a powerful motivator that they can use it to turn family members against one another, shape an organization to their will to benefit themselves, or even rise to the presidency of a country so they can play even bigger destructive games.  That’s what they live for.

Transsexual people by nature are powerful empaths, more so than most humans.  We feel and see things that no other people do.  A fully actualized transsexual-born person is almost preternaturally gifted with understanding others.  We have the power to uplift and give hope to those around us, to forge bonds and bring people together.

Where the psychopath hurts, we help.  Where they bring pain, we bring joy.  Where they destroy, we build.  The two groups are polar opposites and natural enemies:  We sense this instinctively.  That is why they are drawn to us; not just because we are good victims before we blossom, but because their evil world will cease to exist if we are allowed to flourish.

And woe betide the scheming psychopath who targets the fully actualized transsexual.  There are no buttons to push.  There are no games to play.  The web of lies and deceit is torn asunder without a thought.  Any number of those foul psychopathic beasts could dash themselves against such a transcendent figure and send themselves over the edge, destroying themselves as they have tried to destroy so many others in their lives.

A society that embraces difference, that nurtures everyone regardless of difference, is a society that will prosper and grow.  It is also a society where transsexual-born people will be treated with dignity and respect, and their numbers will flourish.  This is very bad for those who want to use difference to destroy us.

The trans world is now thankfully bereft of all but a few transsexual people.  Lacking any other prey, the predators who live there now feast on each other, exposing the ugly reality of what they really are.

It is almost impossible to convince other people they have been duped by a psychopath, so effective is the emotional button pushing, and our disgust with ourselves at having been tricked so easily.  The only way to expose these predators and their webs of deceit is to encourage them to be themselves.  They also have buttons that can be pushed, and if you know what you are doing you can cause them to frenzy and expose their true visage.  And that is precisely what has been done.

I came into writing this blog with great hope.  I hoped that we could come together and move beyond that horrible trans world which was built by trans-predators.  As time went on I realized that wasn’t possible, not all at once.  Some things had to happen to clear the way.  There are so many schemes, and plots, and backstabbings going on that any attempt by transsexual people to come together in unity was bound to fail.  So the only thing to do was to make it all plain so they would be deprived of new victims.  This was a process that was going to happen anyway, but now it will take months rather than years.  At this point, the way is clearing for a new transsexual paradigm.

With this success, I feel my small role is done in the trans business.  I wish I could have been a part of the the wonderful things that will come later for us, but that’s past the time I had allotted to me to be a voice here.  I am happy that others will be able to move forward and play their own parts in our redemption and eventual triumph.

To those who have followed and supported me, I thank you.  This chapter is closing, and the next will open.


Humanity is good; never lose faith in that.

As a transsexual person, you have a beautiful heart and a powerful mind; never let anyone tell you differently.

Our destiny is wonderful, and the future is full of bright promise.

I have no more to say.

Test post

Test post. Preparing systems for start-up.

Bodies Of Work Magazine

Calling all writers/artists/free spirits…

If y’all haven’t heard of this magazine, Bodies Of Work, it’s a new start-up.  They’re looking for submissions but the deadline is April 10th, so there isn’t much time left.

Full stop.

A (.) is a Full stop.

In Aviation, deciding to land, versus doing a touch-and-go, is a Full stop.

For Lisalee, deciding to help, not hurt, share, not hide, love, not hate, respect all, is a Full stop.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you must take a stand, even if it’s just for yourself.  To choose the higher path, the more difficult road taken, the moral high ground.  To say no to oppression, bullying, evil.  To do what is right, even if it means the ultimate sacrifice.

I know you’re out there, nameless, faceless evil.  I’ve felt you lurking, scheming, acting.  Your machinations have made me stronger, and you the more transparent.




This is my Full stop.

An open letter to Susan *******, author of “Enough Non-Sense”.


I want to thank you for your rebuttal to my post from Monday.  I found it amusing and instructional.  Amusing that it took you almost 2000 words to disapprove, in part, my opinions and my actions.  It would have taken me about 150.  But you were trying to make a point.  You did kinda lose me there, though…

And instructional;  Outing people, especially when they’ve already been outed is useless and tacky.  I didn’t follow the #1 credo of Trans*women worldwide:  Thou shall not out thy fellow Trans*.  So when you deleted my comments in their entirety, I probably deserved it.  But I found this interesting:

…Trying to frame her as some sort of ‘age purist’, or a ‘teen troll’, or an ‘old hag’, is what it is. She and i are about the same age. Make your own conclusions. i don’t have any desire to engage with Liz/Cloudy or anyone who promotes HSTS in any form…  -Anonymous T Girl

Throwing someone a bone, Susan?

To the meat and potatoes, shall we?

Susan, I’m offering you…

A Challenge!

I challenge you to appear on the steps of the Capitol in Washington, DC on March 14th, 2011 for Transgender Lobby Day.  I’ll be there, along with friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and others.  You write some mean shit on your blog and have had some straight-shooting comments elsewhere, but do you have the guts to truly put yourself on the line?  Are you willing to do something greater than yourself and the entertainment value of your blog?

I am.

I plan on lobbying the most conservative representatives in my home state of Georgia, including my home district, the 11th, represented by Phil Gingrey (R-Ga.).  I’m sure you could do the same for your district, and other conservative districts in Texas.

Maybe this isn’t worth your time and effort.

Or maybe you just don’t want to be seen with other Trans*.

You could just as easily call your reps or even visit with them anytime.  But this is different.

This shows solidarity.

Not capitulation.

So what do you think, Susan?  Up to the challenge?

Or is it too much to ask.

I’ll be there waiting.

Lisalee Starkman

Edit (1)

Looks like a certain Susan (not allowed to use her maiden name), has rejected my challenge to meet on the Capitol steps on Mar 14.  So I guess I’ll have to meet with her representative myself, who happens to be Congressman Ron Paul  (R-TX), 14th district, a hero of mine.  An OB/GYN, we’ll have lots to chat about regarding medical legitimacy for Transsexuals.  Sure you don’t want to join me, Susan?

Edit (2)

Upon careful consideration, I’ve removed Susan’s last name from the title of this post.

“Long time coming…”

“Long time gone.”

I used to listen to CSN (and Y) when I was in high school, among other 60’s bands that spoke to me.  And though I was a bit young for Viet Nam and Woodstock, I felt the energy and importance after the fact, all the same.  So when I saw this blog finally implode, I felt a kind of sadness.  And vindication too,  that my, and especially my friend’s words had come true.  I had been accused of high school shenanigans, misplaced loyalties, and STALKING!  What the fuck??  All I have to say is the internet is a cruel, cruel place to play.  Always make sure your ducks are in a row before you hit the sandbox, girls.  And this person’s words, spoken over a year ago, ring ever true today:

Trust No One.

No One.

(As an aside, I think I’m the only person to be recently banned from Susan’s blog.  Whatever.)

On the other hand, I expect (but am not certain) to see both this and this disappear, vile sockpuppet vomitus, to be replaced by something more discreet, virulent, and cunning.

The only difference is that we’ll be ready…

On a lighter note, I happened to chance upon author, hypnotist/therapist, and bon vivant, Tracie O’keefe and her eternal sidekick writer, Katrina Fox, here and here.

Gee, where have I seen (and heard of) these two before…?

Hugs, you two!

I dedicate this chunk of  a future poem to Leigh and Susan, the real losers here, having had their innocence snatched from them, again (ok, I’m a drama queen, so sue me!).

In A Perfect World Parte Dos

In a perfect world…

Everyone has perfect morals/

So what the fuck did you do with yours?


For Aria…

So it’s the 17th of January and I’m sitting in my truck heading towards Memphis to make a delivery of auto parts to the Ford distribution center when it hits me:  Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday.  How apropos.

Here’s the truck stop that I slept at the night before, IM’ing with my friend, about how she had overshadowed her message, or was it the other way around?  And I shared a video of Living Color’s Cult of Personality that I found on YouTube.  How apropos.

I’m sitting in my truck heading to the city where a man was murdered for speaking his mind, sharing his convictions, and speaking the truth.  How apropos.

So I’m sitting on a side street, waiting to enter a facility that’s closed because it’s Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday.  How apropos.

I’m now across the street from the facility that was closed for the day, trying to get rid of a trailer that’s become a millstone, like some thoughts and opinions and biases.  I thought about Cult of Personality again.  How apropos.

I’m still across the street, trailer still attached, millstone weighing heavily, when I spy a link on Facebook from a friend’s profile professing the greatness of a certain blog.  The same blog that attacked and terrorized and raped my other friend.  How apropos.

Across the street, trailer, millstone, Facebook, cell phone, yelling at a friend to get her attention.  It’s Dr. King’s birthday, goddamnit!  How apropos.

Cell phone and headset, in the JB Hunt yard across the street from the Ford distribution center, millstone, Facebook, and oh, did I mention the ongoing chatter of IM?  Stereo blaring my iPod music, as loud as I can stand it to drown out the noise in my head from yelling at my friend.  How apropos.

Paperwork and cell phone, headset and Facebook and IM.  Saying bye bye to the millstone, the trailer, at least.  Finally, finally, finally, I get to say goodbye to the yard and street I yelled at my friend on, because of her choice of blogs, the one that raped my other friend repeatedly.  How apropos.

So I’m in my truck, driving about a mile to US-78, where there are some truck stops, to decide if I’m heading home.  And I’m at one of the two, Facebook and IM, cell phone, headset, and ringing.  I’m not answering/chatting with the friend I yelled at, just yet.  It is, by the way, Dr. King’s birthday, ya know.  How apropos.

I’m in the truck stop, in my truck, Facebook and IM and a new person appears, but not unexpectedly.  So the other friend that was raped repeatedly on that blog, the new person, and I.  The new person is the new friend.  Wait, wasn’t there a millstone?  Isn’t this Dr. King’s birthday?  How apropos.

Three hours later, IM, Facebook, laughter, tears, cell phone, ringing, texting, voice mails, loud music, the noise in my head subsiding, antacids; and a sandwich, because truck stops have fast food.  In Memphis of all places.  On Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, no less.  How apropos.

It’s late and I’m writing, in the truck at the truck stop with the fast food.  Noise in my head is gone, so is IM, music and cell phone.  The love of my life has called, her good night given, I love you’s shared.  All other friends gone.  Quiet, even the cat is quiet.  The engine runs, to keep me warm.  It is Memphis in winter, ya know.  On Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday.  How fucking apropos.

RIP 2009-2011

We’ll miss you, your words, and your message.  Fight the good fight, wherever you are…


Goodbye Leigh and Susan

I stand by my words, whether you like them or not.  I’ve learned much here, both good and bad.  But y’all have been deceived by someone with far more sinister plans than all the junk thought up by the TG to date.  Call me stupid, or paranoid, or just call me a cab.  It doesn’t matter one way or another.  Y’all have become obsolete and irrelevant.  I and others like me are creating a new paradigm.  Go read Aria’s last blog post and maybe you’ll get a clue.

Or maybe not.

I have no more to say here.

I hate goodbyes… but this one was necessary and just.

I decided after thoughtful consideration, to reinstate this post.  No more capitulation, not now, not ever.  And as far as Aria’s blog post goes, well, that’s gone too.  Permanently.